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Two MS-20 style filters in series or parallel, each with Freq expression input, or a third EXP input that sweeps both cut-off frequencies with a single input. Pre or post gain available for each.


Hydra-Filter II


Two MS-20 style filters in series or parallel, (one of which is stomp enabled independently of the bypass). each with CV input, and a bi-directional amplitude envelope follower (w/ Ghost attack stomp) with a depth control to each filter. Pre or post gain available for each. This is basically a Dual PhoTron sans LFO + some routing goodies.


Dual Space Case + Tremolo + MOD BOX


One Delay with fully loaded LFO MOD BOX to modulate delay rate and amplitude (tremolo) simultaneously, in series with a second Delay w/ simple dedicated LFO routable to the rate or the wet (delay line) amplitude. This is a one box noise show. A very custom job.


MS-20 Filter Brain


 Pedal-ized LP/BP/HP MS-20 filter with CV/EXP in jack. This was meant to fill the void of a high quality "Wah Brain" unit, and this custom job became the MS-20 Brain-Freeze. For use with EXPRESSION pedal, or active CV unit such as the Moog MP-201, etc.

(a frozen filter / filter Brain)


MS-20 Brain Freeze


A custom version of the MS-20 Brain Freeze with a simplified bi-directional envelope follower, reformatted for table top use.

Production Model Available NOW!!!!          

PhoTron Filter

A MS-20 style LP/HP/BP resonant filter with simultaneous full control amplitude envelope follower (sweeps up or down), stomp enabled LFO through audio range modulation, and 'Ghost Wah' momentary stomp/swell. Pre filter gain is available, and Filter cutoff can be centered anywhere from below to above audio range. LP mode is -12dB per octave. The filter can be pushed into self-oscillation, and can be used as a stand alone analog synthesizer. This thing is ANY filter freaks wet dream. Suitable for Guitar/Bass/Line.  

(Click here for SOUND CLIP)



8 Step Trem/Wah

Dial in up to 8 different Tremolo rates (or filter cutoff frequencies in wha mode) and set the clock to flip through them in order, in random sequence, or cut the clock and manually step through settings in the order you dial them. Has similar wave shaping options to the Dual Speed Tremolo in terms of wave shaping and depth of effect. Can be set to 4/8/10 steps per cycle.



A 'raw finish' custom table-top combo unit. It contains Robot Factory Pedal Co. Dual Octave Down (Mixable one octave below/two octaves below/fundamental square-wave fuzz), Modulation Delay/Chorus/Vibrato with momentary infinite feedback, & Variable Wave shape Tremolo. Complete with Expression Pedal inputs for delay modulation rate and Tremolo speed. Just what the doctor (or whatever credentials this guy had) ordered.

Custom Sooper Looper Stereo

A custom mono instrument to stereo line - splitter/router/mixer - line to instrument level bi-amper. One line in, two boosted sends (appropriate for 'Pro Audio' level processing), Stereo returns (Attenuated back to instrument level), with two ground isolated outputs each allowing any mix (150% to null) of input signal, Left channel return, or Right channel return.  This is currently being used in Sweden to send a guitar signal into a stereo rack reverb/delay unit. Actually, the parallel processing application potential here is really pretty wide.

This probably belongs with Utility Units


Synth-Box Duet

This box outputs two independent synth frequencies which are 'unrelated' to the input frequency. The output dynamics follow the instrument's input amplitude envelope. Both lines are sent to a tuner out, so the harmony notes can be dialed silently, and can be just about anywhere in the audio range. The frequency can be set via on-board control, EXPression pedal (Moog ep-2), or with the momentary EXP Key-Box that was built to go with this unit (below).


Expression Key-Box

Expression control device with three fully adjustable output stages each with a momentary stomp switch. This acts as three pre-set expression pedal settings with allowing on-the-fly accuracy & live performance repeatability while saving pedal board real estate. could be made with any number of "keys".

See LFO MOD BOX for more EXP automation options.


Mr Shred

 A modified Marshall Shredmaster and a line booster, in series, separately switched, in one package. Also includes a 'Hash' switch to open the upper end for even more shred-itude. I have done these with clean blend for bass heads.

This fellow wanted his band's logo on the face, so there it is.


Tentacle Love

 A Super Super-Fuzz. This is a classic octaving transistor fuzz with a stomp enabled filter mode, (with independent volume) clean blend, fundamental cancellation control,  Expression controlled filter depth. Made with the bass player in mind, though reportedly still "absolutely slays with guitar!!"




This is the fully loaded Pent-Octave Synth-Box. This does three separate processing lines, plus a clean blend. The first line is one or two octaves down, the second is fundamental or one octave up, either of which can be frequency modulated with an internal oscillator (like a ring modulator), and the third is a six way division harmonizer which divides the fundamental by 3,4,5,6,7,or 8. The final mixed output can be square-wave-rough, or LP smoothed with tracking adjustment for naughty or nice behavior, and this one adds two extra stomps to enable/disable the Fund/Up/Ring Mod line, or the One/Two Octave below line. See the 'Quad-Octave Synth-Box' page for sound clips.

Donkey Punch

 Basic line booster with +/-15dB treble and bass, and a full frequency clean boost.



Barbie Face


An early version of what has become the Lo-Tech-No-Fi-Bot. It is a fundamental square wave smashed into an oscillator  generated square wave for lo-fi synth nonsense. A real tone / dynamic killer, but super unique, and I just cannot stop playing with them. This one is a early 'photo finish' favorite.