Digi-log Delay- TRULY my favorite delay. WARM.
   In addition to the standard delay controls, this one adds
   a momentary footswitch to bump the Feedback (repeats)
   up to 'infinity', (or less, depending where feed trim is set)
   for as long as you stand on it, (you know what happens
   when you crank the repeats?) and then settles back 
   down to where the knob is set to, gradually, and you
   never stopped wailing away to turn some knobs......
   also, there is a expression jack, which allows hands off
   control of the delay time, via swell pedal, or as i prefer,
   driven with the LFO box 'add-on' (below) which does
   psuedo-chorus / vibrato / pitch bending, from mild, to
   'dear lord, wassat?', but only to the repeats, your clean
   passes unscathed..............
                                                                     HOME             THE difference between ANALOG and DIGITAL delay, is
   a long fought battle.  The heart of the issue, so far as I
   can tell, is that in order for a series of capacitors (called
   a Bucket Brigade) to return a useable / musical sound, 
   the signal needs to be heavily filtered, resulting in the 
   'WARM' that everyone associates with analog.  The Digital
   world, is capable of taking a precise sample, and spitting
   it back out verbatim, as long from the time it went in as you
   like, and as many times in a row as you like, without signal
   degradation.  the problem with a precise, delayed
   duplicate, is that it holds all the properties of the input,
   and tends to jumble with the fundamental signal, as well 
   as with all consecutive repeats.  this can be very muddy.
   Also, in the real world, most of the echoes we hear lose
   a lot of the  higher frequencies to the surface for 
   reflection, so a filtered echo sounds more natural.
  LFO-expression box.  to drive 
  any expression input, but most
  specifically, the delay presented
  here.  controls include Speed,
  Depth, shape, and slant, with
  2 different LDRs (switch able)
  for course depth. one for normal
  use, one for the crazy stuff....... 
THAT BEING SAID....this is a digital circuit, that conditions 
  the input signal in every way that an analog circuit would
  resulting in a circuit that SOUNDS analog, but has at 
  least one of the benefits of digital, LONGER DELAY TIME.
  (approaching one second)............................................
     The next one will have a switch to bypass some of the
   filtering, so one has the option of 'crisp' repeats..........