Two Pedals in one. . . .The Green Ringer is an OCTAVE-UP, with  ONE KNOB of its own, to Blend between Fundamental Guitar Sound, and its Octave/Ring Mod Effects.  With both ROUTING SWITCHES in the down position, thats what you get.  its other half. is a Very Basic OP-AMP distortion, (Aaron Nelson) with THREE KNOB Tone Control, and Drive knob.  both switches up, that what you get. . . . Put Left DOWN, and Right UP, here lies the MAGIC. . .Single notes  FAT and full of UPPER ORDER overtones, CHORDS so MESSED UP, you think you didn't play them.  PLENTY of bite, but not FUZZY.  I SWEAR there is a hint of FALSE-ish REVERB in there.  THE BOOST was so over the top, i had to add a volume control. . . . . . . .
Green/Drive high end- Ringer mostly up, drive around 12:00, bass rolled off, mids at half, treble up-ish

Green/Drive low end- similar to above, but with bass rolled in, and mids out a bit