im a little scared ...  GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!!!       
        This guy is wired so you can play any one of the 
effects by itself, or in conjunction with any of the 
others (but always in the same order) all the way up
to all six at once.  the empty slot is for an active EQ, which will go in after the delay is cleaned up a bit.....
i have always scoffed at players with digital multi-effect units, so i figured i should do something about it.
                    got a spare week and a half?
 tho not awfully practicle, it saved some stomp switches, and stands to show that if you can dream it... 

ModularEffectBox- Alright...........
6 Effects, in series, (switched in-line, or out) from the left. +OP-AMP Compression- modded Orange Squeezer
+Analog Distortion-
a high-gain cascaded transistor dist. 
+Oct-Up(ish)- Ampeg scrambler- UNREAL!!-
makes guitar sound like sheet metal..(shhrang)....released in the late 70's(don't quote me) and failed miserably, the world was not ready.......
Digital Distortion- CMOS design. low gain is 'pushed amp-y', high gain hurts alot.........
Oct-Down- poor tracking, (without the proper considerations) but great sounding: you get lots of random jumping back and forth from primary to one octave up....pretty nasty..but the TONE!!!
+DELAY- cheap lil' digital echo circuit
- didn't pass the test alone..but after all the tonal devastation your signal just went through, does it really matter? 

more possibilities through combinations than one could ever expect from an "all analog" deal. (of reasonable perportion) the whole mess is equipped with MASTER VOLUME, and an adjustable feedback loop.........dear lord..........