Mr.Looper is made from a radio shack 20 second DIGITAL recorder. . . I saw the project on CARRIONSOUND, and went for it.   Its LOOP-GAP is small, but present, probably not ideal for RHYTHM SECTION, unless you are willing to adjust to ITS TIME. . . But with low power GARBLE feature, and an INDIVIDUAL VOLUME KNOB for both CLEAN LAYER, and LOOP PLAYBACK, momentary STUTTER, and of course the GHOSTFACE switch,  its a lot of fun, and pretty USEFUL TO BOOT. . . . . . . .click  BELOW for Layout/schematic half-breed 
This pretty BLUE FELLOW, is V.4.3 or so, and is a DRASTIC improvement on his dirty little brother <below>. this one includes a  DOUBLE BUFFER  , one for guitar vol, one for loop vol.  Also, i found that if you jump the TWO IN/OUT LEADS together during PLAYBACK, you get this weird effect on the LOOP-check GHOSTFACE MOD on the adj. pic.---->  Also added a stutter (in a few different places at first) to cut out the loop playback 'momentarily', and moved the RECORD VOLUME on board,  since this alters the final loop sound so much, ESPECIALLY when using the GhostFace switch.  said and done, i think i used eight of twelve possible paths between both 3pdt switches. i ran out of ONs twice, an had to double up. i decided to leave the low power mod out of this one, as you cannot record when it is engaged, and no more poles to disable while recording (4pdt stomp?!?) Go To Schem/Layout jpeg

    THIS WAS THE FIRST FILTHY MR.                                                                                                          THIS WAS SOMEWHERE ALONG THE WAY

by the way radio shack claims this chip will remember the last clip in it for 100yrs or so. . .with or without power..hmm