EH Small Clone Chorus-not to be confused
 with th small stone, this is a great sounding CHORUS.
 sold as a one knob w/ switch, this has some added
 control. first is a wet dry blend, allowing you to dial 
 balanced chorus, to deep vibrato (primary null). also
 it has a rough depth switch, and a fine depth knob, 
 producing everything from mild flutter, to deep rich
 chorusing, to wild and animated pitch-bending madness.
 also, of course, a speed knob.   this pedal was heavily 
 used, and perhaps re-popularized by the late Kurt Cobain,
 though most notably, on the intro to 'come as you are'
 (come on, you own it)  I was using it table top, and
 skipped the stomp.  may add stereo outs..............